Orest was born and raised in Solingen, Germany. At the age of 17 he got his first
taste of the professional stage as a ballet dancer for Karin Thierbach, as an
assistant director for the State Opera Wuppertal and as an actor for the Ensemble
Remscheid, the Theater in Cronenberg and the State Theater Wuppertal.

In Germany, he had the opportunity to work with the American theater company
“The Bigger Light Theater” which invited him to the USA in 1997. While in the USA,
Orest auditioned and was accepted into the Actors Studio Drama School MFA
Program where he studied with Susan Aston, Gene Lasko, Sam Schacht and
Barbara Portier. He received his MFA in Acting in 2001.

He has worked in theater, film and TV. His work as a film actor include: "The Good
Shepherd", directed by Robert De Niro and "Flight Path", based on a Kafka short
story, directed by Fred Soffa. This film was shown at the New York Film and Video
festival.Orest also appeared in several “Sex in the City”, "Life on Mars" and "Ugly
Betty"episodes. He was the lead in several commercial campaigns.His New York
theater credits include “The Magdalene Project” at the International Fringe Festival,
“Dinner at Dario’s” for the Play Time Series and "Bent" at the Actors Studio
Repertory Season.

At the Moment he is studying acting at Black Nexxus under Stuart Burney and
SusanBaston and is a mamber of

Besides acting, Orest enjoys painting, playing the guitar, training hard and good
Orest Ludwig
Phone: 917.250.1564
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